HSBC and SVNS: Opening up a world of opportunity

12+ years. 100+ tournaments. 500,000+ kids inspired. We’re only getting started.

As the HSBC SVNS enters a new era, the iconic partnership between HSBC and World Rugby remains at the heart of the sport. Built on over a decade of game-changing collaboration, the global partnership leverages HSBC’s unique international network to create opportunity for all those involved in the sport.

SVNS reflects many of HSBC’s core values. It brings together fans and players from all over the world in a vibrant celebration of international connection. HSBC has been a key voice helping promote the sport around the world, particularly in growing markets such as Asia and North America.

HSBC, an organization committed to diversity & inclusion at every level, has been a key driver in supporting the growth of women’s rugby in particular. The new model for the sport is the result of that commitment, as HSBC SVNS delivers gender parity with all seven rounds and the Grand Final featuring combined men’s and women’s competitions and equal participation fees.

HSBC also has a global rugby grassroots programme which aims to take the health, wellbeing and societal benefits of SVNS to more people in more markets. Over 500,000 children across the globe have been through these grassroots programmes. Through the World of Opportunity Programme, HSBC has worked with World Rugby to create opportunities for young people in 5 global cities, to gain valuable experience of working in the world of sport.

At an elite level, HSBC and World Rugby continue to work together to celebrate SVNS by telling the stories of its talented players and successful teams. As SVNS re-invents itself as a global festival of entertainment, the action is bigger and more exciting than ever before. Follow @HSBC_Sport social channels to see the very best of the HSBC SVNS from around the world.

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